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Claudia Leonard is a recent BFA (Animation) graduate from the University of Melbourne's VCA, known for her experimental pastiches of animated mediums with vivid colouration. Claudia's award-winning student film Last Call At the Parade was deemed 'Best Animation' at Sydney Women's International Film Festival and received nomination for 'Best Australian Short', the film also performed as an installation at Radiata Festival 2024. Last Call At the Parade's characters engage in a series of sequential abstracted statements and opinions, producing a kaleidoscope of interlacing colours and symbols. Her first film, Unstitching, investigates the notion of women 'unstitching' from the binds of physicality in morphing digital ink, which won 'Best Animation International' at the Couch Short Film Festival. Claudia's most recent film, 'Searchlight', combines claymation, digital, and coded animation, daring to evoke an innovative and incorporeal visual experience.

With a primary foundation in traditional animation, Claudia's projection pieces aspire to materialise dreamlike celebrations of colour and light. Claudia has projected at numerous nightclubs, event spaces, and galleries across Sydney and Melbourne including New Guernica, Club 77, Subclub, Science Gallery Melbourne, and Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Tidal Traces incorporated motion-sensor interactivity to highlight the physicality of our environmental impacts, exhibited at the Ocean Lovers Festival (2024), whilst Overgrowth, a projection-and-sculpture piece promoted tranquility within the music festival scene for Woodburnia Festival (2024).

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